A Futura Channel initiative in partnership with young people from around the country and Cieds, the project ‘Maleta Futura Juventudes’ seeks to value personal trajectories, life projects and the social promotion of youth. Expressive languages ​​- audiovisual, music, theater, dance, arts, as well as educational games - are essential elements for the construction of this debate. Young people should be considered and perceived as economic, political, symbolic and educational agents and also as strategic partners and protagonists in processes and initiatives that involve them. ‘Maleta Futura’ consists of a kit with a selection of programs from the recent Futura collection, made from thematic clippings, films, documentaries and sites. In addition to the audiovisual, the kit has printed material, thematic material from partner institutions and playful and educational products. All this is packed in a suitcase (Maleta), customized according to the theme in question


Daniel Martins e Tereza Onã



Canal Futura