The WOW – Women of the World Festival is a global movement created by artist and director Jude Kelly in 2010 in the UK. It has as its main goals to celebrate women and girls’ achievements throughout the centuries and reflect on contemporary challenges and struggles.
Wow festivals have happened in 23 countries so far in Europe, Asia and Africa reaching 54 different cities. In Latin America, Brazil was the first country to host a WOW Festival in 2018, in Rio de Janeiro

Comprehensive, diverse and contemporary, the Festival Women of the World is produced and delivered by women and have as main goals:


Celebrate women and girls’ achievements and give them space to express their voices in a diverse and plural way

Create a safe and open space for expression, where the feminine is recognized and celebrated, building solidarity and collective  and individual courage in the search for change and equality

WOW Rio is produced by WOW Foundation and Redes da Maré


The WOW Foundation was created with the objective to lead a global movement celebrating and mobilising women and girls to stand up against obstacles that prevent them from reaching their potentials.

Redes da Maré is a NGO with a long history of social justice programmes developed within the Maré Collective of Favelas, comprised of 16 favelas in Rio de Janeiro.



The Women of the World Festivals have 4 segments:

What women said about WOW Rio…


“Congratulations on the wonderful festival, it was an honor and a joy to participate! Massive thanks toyou all! See you later!” Sonia Hirsch


“The festival was beautiful. The programming was excellent. I appreciate all the work and effort in helping us” lari Arantes, illustrator


“The festival was very, very enriching. A fantastic energy. The logistics worked wonderfully. Congratulations!” Glória Maria, creative director of Saíras brand


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