The creation of Flavors of Maré, in 2010, with cooking workshops, started a larger plan of Redes to link territorial development and initiatives related to the gastronomy area. Following the training, we opened another work front: the buffet, an income-generating initiative in that hires Maré’s women from the project. Another initiative was the Favela Food Festival, a gastronomic event in Maré, held in 2015, in 16 communities.


# Flavors of Maré Formation - The project was born from a demand from mothers of students of Operário Vicente Mariano Public School, at Baixa do Sapateiro. Since 2010, basic and advanced gastronomy qualification courses were offered, teaching recipes and techniques, rescuing Maré's food culture and promoting new eating habits based on healthy, organic and sustainable food. Within the training, there are also workshops on Gender, Citizenship and Entrepreneurship, in which students are encouraged to reflect on their role in society. Participants are encouraged to envision new professional strategies, including opening their own businesses to increase their income. Flavors of Maré has trained more than 500 women. Today, the project's headquarters is at Maré’s Women House.


# Flavors of Maré Buffet - The second arm of the project became a self-sustainable business. The buffet has already produced more than 2,000 events - including coffee breaks, brunches, lunches, cocktails, dinners and outsourced food for companies - serving more than 40,000 guests and generating direct income for more than 100 families of Maré. The menu is extensive, with great influence from the Northeast, since 60% of the residents are northeastern.


Coordinator and Instructor: Mariana Aleixo

Implementer of Gender and Citzenship workshops: Andreza Jorge

Producer: Myllenni Nascimento

Operations Manager: Michele Gandra

Operations Assistant: Lívia Santos

Marketing:  Beatriz Giacomo

Finance:  Elisângela Rangel

Chefs:  Adriana Moreno, Carini Rodrigues, Denize Ribeiro, Josefa Pereira, Tainara de Oliveira, Andreia Silva, Juliana Oliveira, Sandra Barbosa, Sandra Kpormorne

Gastronomy Teachers:  Paula Duarte e Michele Gandra

Gender Instructor:  Tássia Mendonça



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Participation of Flavors of Maré in the first edition of the Women of the World Festival in Latin America.
Caixa Best Practices Award
Flavors of Maré, in partnership with Afonso França Engenharia, L'Oréal and Associação Horizonte, carried out the project Breaking Barriers, responsible for the professional qualification in Basic and Advanced Gastronomy and Entrepreneurship of 100 women. It was also the year of the creation of the Women’s House of Maré, in Parque União, currently the headquarters of the project.
For two months, Favela Food Festival involved 16 bars and restaurants from Maré, spread in different communities, each highlighting a specific dish or snack. The festival was sponsored by the 2013-2014 edition of Rumos Itaú Cultural and was partnered by Olhares da Maré Film School, the Popular School of Critical Communication and Mórula Ideias, Mídia e Conteúdo.
Millennium Goals Award – ODM Brasil 4th edition, presented by the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program.
Certification of the Banco do Brasil Foundation Award for Social Technology; Flavors of Maré occupies a space at Hebert Vianna Cultural Canvas, in Parque Maré.
Creation of Flavors of Maré at Ciep Vicente Mariano, in Baixa do Sapateiro, in Maré.

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