The Project ‘We are from Maré. We have rights!’ is an initiative of Redes da Maré, which aims is to mobilize the residents of Rio de Janeiro's largest set of favelas on the right to Public Security. In 2012, the first stage of the Campaign was held, focusing on content about what is legal and illegal during police operations. We are currently conducting the 2nd stage of the campaign, focusing on the impact of police operations on the daily lives of Maré’s residents. We made rounds of conversations and actions in Maré's public spaces, aiming to strengthen the ongoing dialogue with residents about the right to Public Security. The material produced was distributed door-to-door in the 47,000 households of the territory.



Wednesday from 9am to 12pm – Maré’s Cultural Canvas and Vila do João Resident’s Association.
Friday from 9am to 1pm -  Redes da Maré headquarters – Nova Holanda



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