The actions, researches and ideas developed by Redes da Maré in the different fields of social politics, are based on a common interest of working, in an integrated and extensive way, with Rio de Janeiro’s issues, more specifically, on its popular areas.

With this performance strategy, the institution seeks to develop projects based on four pillars: 


• Art, Culture, Memories and Identities 
• Territorial Development
• The Right to Public Security and Access to Justice
• Education

Our Goals

1. To elaborate of structuring actions that, in medium and long term, translate into the guarantee of basic rights to the population of Maré, through four axes: Arts, Culture, Memories and Identities, Territorial Development, The Right to Public Security and Access to Justice and Education;

2. To carry out a feasibility study for the creation of a community fund for the sustainability of the organization;

3. To encourage the creation of new perspectives and narratives that, by breaking certain stereotypes, seek the effectiveness of the rights of the entire population of Maré to be part of the city:

4. To prioritize action in the ethnic, racial, gender and sexual orientation fields to reduce prejudice and racism;

5. To increase educational achievement and school time for Maré residents;

6. To expand the access to qualified education, income generation and to women's rights;

7. To enable democratization and expansion of the access to art for residents of Maré and its surroundings;

8. To understand the daily lives of residents of Maré through research and surveys;

9. To seek greater territorial articulation and mobilize key figures and local institutions;

10. To act for greater incidence in public policies through campaigns and advocacy;

11. To mobilize residents of the 16 Maré’s favelas to build alternatives that guarantee access to justice and basic rights for the population living there.

Our Mission

To ensure the effectiveness of rights for the population of the 16 favelas of Maré.

Our Vision

To gain recognition of Maré’s residents, civil society institutions and public authorities, as an organization that works to build partnerships that seeks to promote the sustainable development of the region, from the protagonism of the residents and relevant experiences for the city.

Our Values

1. Defense of all Rights for every Maré’s resident;
2. Recognition of socio-cultural and economic potentialities of Maré; 
3. Secure ethno-racial and gender equality;
4. Actions against all forms of violence and discrimination;
5. Full responsibility over our obligations and results;
6. Ethics, integrity, honesty and transparency in all our projects;
7. Commitment to democracy.