The project Building the Barricades, a partnership between Redes da Maré and People's Palace Projects, is an international survey that seeks to investigate the impact of armed conflicts and urban violence on the mental health and well-being of the 140,000 residents of 16 favelas of Maré.



Focused on three main areas: health, social sciences and culture, the study is based on 1,400 quantitative face-to-face interviews with residents of Maré and drug users in the region, in addition to qualitative interviews and group conversations mediated by the researchers. Health services, social support, activities and cultural centers that benefit and impact the well-being of Maré's residents were also mapped.

Still in 2021, a narrative book written by anthropologist Luiz Eduardo Soares will be published, as well as an academic book, bringing together articles with the research results and a final report of the project.

The survey Building the Barricades is carried out by Redes da Maré, People's Palace Projects, Queen Mary University of London, Departments of Social Work and Psychiatry from UFRJ and NECCULT. The project is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council and Arts and Humanities Research Council through the Global Challenges Research Fund and Art Council England.


Sound Drama-podcast


During the pandemic, six young poets from Maré and neighboring slums participated in poetry workshops remotely led by the artistic director of the British organization People's Palace Projects, Paul Heritage, and by the theater director from Wales, Catherine Paskell.



The work resulted in the collaborative production of Becos, a four-act sound piece available on all podcast platforms. A story of encounters, opportunities, violence, racism and injustice that happens in Maré. But in addition to the denunciation tone, its playful and poetic verses also expose the favela's resilience and community spirit..

Enjoy the sound piece in four acts!





Musician and composer Rafael Rocha, who signed the Becos soundtrack and works with artists such as Adriana Calcanhoto and Gilberto Gil, produced an album inspired by the creative process of the workshops held with the young poets of Becos. The album “Satélite” features 11 tracks that reflect the sounds, poems and texts collectively created by the artists.

People's Palace Projects · Enquanto O Mundo Desaba




MARÉ FROM HOME :: Photography

In addition to the sound piece, a photography challenge was launched by visual artist Tatiana Altberg and researcher Raquel Tamaio. The essay Maré From Home, a work adapted to reflect the reality of quarantine in Maré, brought together photos and texts by residents who portrayed what they saw from their home windows during the months of the pandemic, as well as diaries produced by 6 young photographers..





Research Performers Building Barricades:

Redes de Desenvolvimento da Maré
People’s Palace Projects, Queen Mary University of London
People’s Palace Projects do Brasil
Escola de Serviço Social e Instituto de Psiquiatria, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Núcleo de Estudos em Economia da Cultura (NECCULT), Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)

Main Investigator

Paul Heritage (PPP/QMUL)

General Consultant

Eliana Sousa Silva (Redes da Maré)


Stefan Priebe - Director of the Social and Community Psychiatry Unit, Collaborative Center with the World Health Organization for Development in Mental Health, QMUL
Miriam Krenzinger -Director of the School of Social Service at UFRJ
Marcelo Santos Cruz - Institute of Psychiatry (IPUB) of UFRJ
Leandro Valiati – NECCULT UFRGS

Team Redes da Maré:

Maira Gabriel - Research Assistant and General Field Coordinator
Rodrigo Bodão - Research Assistant
Luna Arouca - Research Assistant (Normal Space)
Dalcio Marinho - Statistics Manager
Bianca Cambiaghi - Statistics Assistant
Elza Sousa Silva – Research Assistant and Field Researcher
Maykon Sardinha – Territorial Mobilizer

Field Researchers

Jordana Faria
Isabele dos Anjos
Viviane Linhares
Maria Daiana

Team People’s Palace Projects:

Renata Peppl - Project General Manager
Brenno Erick - Project Coordinator
Raquel Roldanus Dias and Rafael Braga: PPP Financial Management in Brazil
Fabiana Comparato - Editorial Coordinator
Yula Rocha - Communication Manager

Researchers Team - Social Sciences (Coordinator: Miriam Krenzinger):

Giselle Moraes - Research Assistant and Field Researcher
Nathália Guindani - Research Assistant
Luiz Eduardo Soares - Consultant and Author
Eduardo Ribeiro – Consultant, data and statistics

Researchers Team - Health (Coordinator: Marcelo Santos Cruz):

Ana Carolina Mathias - Research Assistant
Taís Vernaglia - Research Assistant
Maurício Letta - Research Assistant

Researchers Team - Culture (Coordinator: Leandro Valiati):

Bruna Cataldo - Research Assistant
Luísa Iachan - Research Assistant

Team - Becos:

Catherine Paskell – Co-director / Co-playwright
Thaís Ayomide - Artist
Thainá Iná - Artist
MC Martina - Artist
Rodrigo Souza (Maré) - Artist
Matheus Araújo - Artist
Jonathan Panta - Artist
Rafael Rocha - Musical Director
Eduardo Campello - Editor

Team - Maré From Home:

Tatiana Altberg - Visual Artist and Creator of the project
Raquel Tamoio - Producer and Visual Artist
Fagner Franca - Photographer
Larissa Paiva - Photographer
Jonas Willamey - Photographer
Jailton Nunes - Photographer
Christine Jones - Photographer
Juliana de Oliveira - Photographer


Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). All work carried out by the People's Palace Project is supported by the Queen Mary University of London and Arts Council England.

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