In 2006, after the meeting of Redes da Maré with a group of young residents led by director Isabel Penoni the Cia Marginal de Teatro was officially born. More than a decade later, always in partnership with Redes, the company has a well-known career in the contemporary art scene of Rio de Janeiro, with a trajectory marked by political commitment to bring favela art to the rest of the city, the country and even the world. In these years, the group maintained a constant cast, consolidated a team of collaborators, produced five spectacles, won awards and cultivated a large audience.


A good example is ‘Eles não usam tênis naique’ which have earned compliments since their debut in 2015, including the Curitiba Theater Festival, the most important in the country. Márcia Zanelatto's text was inspired by the famous Brazilian theater play ‘Eles não usam black tie’ from 1958, updating the generation conflict between father and son in the favela today, where a former drug dealer father has an ideological clash with the daughter, a member of the drug cartel. Cia Marginal's origin dates from the early 2000s when Isabel Penoni arrived at Maré for drama classes with young people, together with actress Joana Levi. From then on, both participated in other projects in Maré that used theater as a critical tool while younger people were joining the group, afterwards consolidated as a company.


In practice, the origins of Marginal Theater Company date back to the early 2000s when Isabel Penoni came to Maré to run theatre classes for young people, in the company of actress Joana Levi. Thereafter, both went on to take part in other projects in Maré which use theatre as a critical tool, as more young people joined the group, which, over time, developed into a company.


Director: Isabel Penoni
Production: Mariluci Nascimento
Actors: Jaqueline Andrade, Geandra Nobre, Phellipe Azevedo, Priscilla Andrade, Rodrigo Souza and Wallace Lino
Collaborators: Bianca Fero, Diogo Vitor, Rosyane Trotta, Sinésio Jefferson and Joana Levi.



2019 - Petrobras 

2019 - SESI Cultural

Partners, Support and Awards

2016 Cultural Territories Bid Tender – Municipal Culture Office of Rio de Janeiro 
2014 Local Actions Bid Tender – Municipal Culture Office of Rio de Janeiro 
2013 Municipal Culture Office of Rio de Janeiro  – Incentive  
2012 Myriam Muniz de Teatro Funarte Award
2011 Municipal Culture Office – FATE / State Culture Office – Culture Bid Tender Set Design Award
2010 State Culture Office – Culture Bid Tender
2008 State Culture Office – Culture Bid Tender
2006 Myriam Muniz de Teatro Funarte Award

Extension Class and Training: ATIRO group

While the Marginal Theater Company was developing into a company, its educational arm was also born, with theatre classes run by the actor Wallace Lino for young people from the region, thus replicating the group’s initial model. Since 2007, this process has been incorporated into the series of artistic and cultural initiatives organized by Redes da Maré. Today, the students led by Lino – who meet at the offices of Redes da Maré – hope to become an established company under the recently adopted name Atiro. The group consists of 15 young people who have explored their memories of the region to create the show "Ela pode estar em você" – She Could Be In You, from 2013, about the challenge of achieving peace in the context of conflict between the police and criminals. They subsequently created an allegory about the many northeasterners who come to the region in pursuit of the dream of an idealized Rio de Janeiro. "Vai" – Go, toured through the 16 communities of the Maré, with premieres of shows of the Marginal Theater Company at the Arts Centre. In 2016, the group created "Agora eu sei o chão que piso" / Now I Know The Ground I Walk On, based on research inspired by the book "O teatro do bem e do mal" – The Theatre Of Good And Evil, by Eduardo Galeano.


Took part in the most important and comprehensive circuit of shows in Brazil, the SESC Spinning Stage, which allowed the group to present their work in 34 cities in different regions of the country.
Circulation of the spectacle ‘Eles não usam tênis naique’ in public schools of Maré, Itaú Cultural (São Paulo) and Portugal; Marginal Occupation Exchanges with 1 month of shows at Maré Arts Center.
Celebration of 10 years of the company: ‘Eles não usam tênis naique’ at Curitiba Festival, at Periférico Exhibition, at the Community in Action, at FITU (UNIRIO) and at Glaucio Gill Theater; Performance of the complete repertoire of the company as part of the project Occupation Maré Arts Center.
Debut season of ‘Eles não usam tênis naique’; Large Minority Occupation at Glauce Rocha Theater; Realization of the Marginal Occupation Exchanges project; Residence for members of theater and dance groups from communities across the city at the Maré Arts Center.
Spectacle ‘What is our face?’, at Circuito Sesc – RJ; ‘In_Trânsito’ show on Supervia trains and stations;
Premiere of the ‘In_Trânsito’ show on SuperVia trains and stations; Artistic occupation ‘Desmonte Marginal’, in partnership with Cia Monte de Gente; Project ENTRE at Sérgio Porto Cultural Center; Tribute of the City Council of Rio de Janeiro for “staging the engagement of theater in the current days”.
Premiere of the show ‘Ô, LILI’ at Maria Clara Machado Theater and touring at Cia dos Atores Theater, Maré Arts Center and Escola Cultural Sesc;
Season of the spectacle ‘Qual a nossa cara?’ at the Glauce Rocha Theater, at UNIRIO and at the Maré Arts Center;
Premiere of the show ‘Qual é a nossa cara?’ at Casa de Cultura da Maré and tour at Teatro de Anônimo and Teatro Glauce Rocha;
‘Você faz parte de uma guerra?’ presented in different streets of Maré communities;