By mixing theory and practice, Olhares da Maré Film School’s mission is to contribute to a more systematic audiovisual production in popular spaces, encouraging self-representation narratives of favela residents. The school, created in 2014, is a space for the exercise of different technical and artistic processes of audiovisual production, for young and adults from Mar&eacute. The workshops - which nearly 200 people have attended - include study and practice of documentary filmmaking, photography, cast training, editing, video clips and fiction short films. A series of productions were born and already took part in festivals and events, including overseas.

The relationship with Maré territory is also encouraged through the exhibitions of films, film festivals, and the production of audiovisual material about Redes da Maré's projects and actions.

In 2017/18, ‘Filma Maré’ project was held and selected a writer from Maré for a three-month exchange at the University of California (UCLA-USA). The selection was made through a script contest. The project was born by a partnership between Redes da Maré and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UCLA Extension and Rede Globo.


Teacher: Fagner França

Finance: Carlos André



Rede Globo - Responsabilidade Social


LOCAL partner

Cineminha no Beco (Bhega Silva)



Continuity of workshops Women in Cinema, Photography in Cinema and Introduction to Video. Active participation of young students in the recording of events such as Antonio Nego Bispo's visit in August.
Inauguration of the workshops Women in Cinema, at Women’s House at Maré, Animations and Music Videos; Begging of ‘Filma Maré’ project;
Short film ‘Rosália Marginal’ by Wallace Lino students; ‘Occupation Maré Brazil’ event, at Maré Arts Center, putting together the audiovisual productions of the school and guest producers; ‘Olhares da Maré’ photographic exhibition, with about 70 images made by the students.
Short film ‘Scene: Reflections about Drug Policy from a Consumption Scene’; The movie ‘Occupation’ was selected by Festivals: ‘Mostra Fronteiras Imaginárias Festival’ (Honorable Mention of the Juri), Festival Latino Americano de La Plata (Buenos Aires), Ciudades Reveladas (Buenos Aires), CachoeiraDoc – Festival de Documentários de Cachoeira (Bahia) and CineCabeça (Rio de Janeiro); Beginning of the partnership with Cineminha no Beco, organized by Bhega Silva, Documentary ‘Why Is the Police So Violent?’, by Eliana Sousa Silva, for the event “Dialogues on Public Security: Experiences in Brazil and the UK”, in London; Director of the music video “Nossa Festa é Vip”, by MC Babalu, developed at the videoclip workshop; Film coverage of the Favela Food Festival organized by Redes da Maré;
Realization of the documentary ‘Occupation’, about the Army occupation at Maré; Documentary-poetry-film ‘Maré de Memórias’, by Sara Alves with students from the documentary workshop.

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