Since 2010, the Nucleus of Memories and Identities of Maré has been working intensely to shape memories of the 16 communities and their reflexes in the current days. It’s mostly a work based on oral records by prominent characters of the region, people who were vital and made a difference in the communities they chose to live.

The testimonials are collected at the residents' homes, further enriching each story. Thus, the memory of groups marginalized by society can be better understood. There is also an ongoing research on public and private collections, surveying Maré's history and highlighting its relationship with the city. The long-term project has already generated two books about the formation of Nova Holanda, Morro do Timbau and Parque Maré.


Director: Edson Diniz

Researchers: Karla Rodrigues e Angélica Ferrarez, Tereza Onã, Thaís de Jesus.



Itaú Cultural Rumos 


Institutional partners

Anistia Internacional 


Projeto Afrobetizar 


Local partners 

Luta pela Paz

Observatório de Favelas

Galpão Bela Maré


Conduction of field research, field classes and records for Maré Open Air Project, in partnership with Azulejaria. The project opened with a meeting that brought together Ailton Krenak, Mother Celina de Xangô, Keyna Eleison and Paulo Knauss at Maré Arts Center.
The Nucleus published a guide to classes of Redes da Maré Pre-College Entrance Examination Course, as well as a children's book with Maré stories; Resume of the project 'Tecendo REDES de Histórias’.
The actions were expanded, introducing a debate on issues related to black culture and racism, so fundamental to Maré’s residents. The ‘African Heritage’ project has become a permanent action, with different events, activities and workshops about black presence in the different communities, including the making of a documentary about black grandparents, ‘As griots da Maré’.

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