Since 2003, in partnership with Tatiana Altberg, Mão na Lata seeks to combine education, photography and literature in the artistic, personal and social development of adolescents from Maré. At a time when access to digital cameras and cell phones encourages random clicks, the project surprises by the way it chooses to capture images and reveal the world: recycled cans. The technique of choice is the pinhole, which rescues the extreme simplicity and basic principles of photography to produce unexpected images with cameras made by the participants. In more than ten years of project, over 60 children, teenagers and young adults had developed a critical and poetical look, as well as individual and collective narratives about their daily lives and surroundings.



Coordinator: Tatiana Altberg

Production: Raquel Tamaio

Teacher: Fagner França


INSTITUtional partners

Museu de Arte do Rio – MAR

Instituto Moreira Salles

Casa Daros



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