Inaugurated in October 2016, the Women's House of Maré is a space designed by Redes to foster the role of women in the region, contributing to the improvement of their living conditions. It is our purpose to recognize the historical role of women in the development of social movements and struggles related to infrastructure in Maré, since the 1980s.


The activities offered at the House fits into different work fronts: professional qualification, combat violence against women, social and legal assistance and territorial articulation for the creation of a positive agenda for women.

 The House has also served as an exchange place for local, public and private institutions, building new partnerships and articulations for womens rights. There are also surveys that aim to put the daily life of women in Maré into data. Thus, in the medium and long term, we can adjust and enhance the specific policies for them in this territory.



Coordinators:  Andreza Jorge, Julia Leal e Mariana Aleixo

Assistant: Eliane Laia

Mentor:  Tássia Mendonça

Administration support:  Denize Ribeiro e Eliane Laia

Support:  Patrícia Oliveira


Flavors of Maré:

Coordinator:  Mariana Aleixo

Producer: Myllenne Furtado

Operation Manager: Michele Gandra

Operation Assistant: :Lívia Santos

Marketing: Ana Beatriz Giacomo

Gastronomy Instructor:  Paula Duarte e Michele Gandra

Instructor:  Tássia Mendonça  

Chefs: Adriana Moreno, Josefa Pereira, Sandra Barbosa, Andréa Maria, Sandra Kpormorne, Naira Inácio.


Instituto Grupo Pão de Açúcar e Assaí Atacadista


Maré of Beauty:

Instructor: Andreza Jorge



L´Oréal Brasil


Maré Women’s Rights

Coordinator: Julia Leal

Social Assistant: Dalila Franco

Psychologist: Vanessa Lima

Lawyer: Milena Afonso



Instituto Nissan


Art and culture at Women's House 2020:




Rua da Paz, 42 – Parque União
+55 21 3105 5569



Monday to Thursday 8am to 9pm
Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to 3pm

Free psychological and legal services for women: Saturday 9am to 1pm


Institutional partners

Muda Maré

Mulheres ao Vento

Núcleo Interdisciplinar de Ações para Cidadania (NIAC)/ESS/UFRJ

Rotary Club Rio de Janeiro 

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