Maré of News gives visibility to the events of Maré, as well as those that impact the lives of the 140 thousand “mareenses”.

Founded in 2009 by Redes da Maré, Maré of News was born with the mission of informing to mobilize the population of the territory. In a short time, it became one of the largest community newspapers in Brazil, with a circulation of 50 thousand copies! Thus, Maré of News consolidated itself as the main offer of quality information for the140 thousand residents of the 16 favelas of Maré.

In 2017, the newspaper launched the online version, with the production of daily content. In addition to quality information, the guidelines promote citizenship and are an instrument for the sustainable development of Maré, in areas such as health, environment, urban mobility, human rights, public security, economics and behavior.

Our vision

To be a reference in community communication with the residents of the 16 favelas of Maré, for public and private institutions, NGOs, opinion makers and communication professionals. We aim to act in the construction of new narratives that widen the vision about the population of slums and peripheries in a perspective of the realization of basic and fundamental rights of this population contingent.

Our mission

To produce and disseminate content and narratives that mobilize and contemplate the residents of Maré from their protagonism and potential in order to overcome the negative and prejudiced representations about the favelas, commonly broadcast in the hegemonic media. To provide quality information for residents, aiming a critical thinking for the preservation and conquest of rights, with accessible textual language, promoting long-term actions capable of generating changes that impact the quality of life of the population.

Distribution and reception

Our distribution model is unprecedented in Brazil: made in partnership with the Normal Space, from Redes da Maré, a reference in serving the homeless population and drug addicts. By hiring these persons to deliver, we seek to develop a social insertion and give visibility to a population historically forgotten by society.

Maré os News and the Pandemic

With the start of the pandemic, the responsibility of Maré of News increased even more. The population needed clear and verified information about the pandemic. Thus, we established a partnership with Fiocruz to clarify and validate our content.

Another partnership was signed with #Colabora, to help young journalists in this difficult period. The mentoring project helped to train young journalists from Maré, who held agendas on the impact of the pandemic on the set of favelas and received training. In addition, those selected won scholarships financed by the Enfrente Fund, which mixes crowdfunding and the contribution of partners, to multiply the donations. The project was selected by Benfeitoria platform with support from the Tide Setubal Foundation.


In 2021, we created the awareness campaign #USAMASCARAMORADOR 
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Executive Coordination: Daniele Moura
Deputy Editor: Edu Carvalho
Reporters: Hélio Euclides and Amanda Pinheiro
Layout and Programming: Filipe Almeida
Audiovisual: Matheus Affonso
Social Media: Dinho Costa


Partnership with #Colabora to train new journalists
Celebration of 100 editions. Start of the distribution in partnership with Normal Space
Foundation of the online version
We reached the production of 50 thousand copies per edition
Maré of News is born with 30 thousand copies

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