The Green Maré project aims to contribute to the struggle for environmental justice and this includes different approaches:

1. Research: To collect data and contribute to socio-environmental diagnoses of Maré.

2. Articulation: To articulate with public agencies, partners and local organizations.

3. Mobilization: creation of forms of engagement for different profiles of residents regarding environmental issues.

4. Interventions: Transformation of public spaces with solutions based on nature, such as rain gardens, planting trees, composting etc.

5. Formation: To contribute with the formation of new protagonists in the territory and that these new actors fight for environmental justice.


At the end of 2020, we held a call for employees to build the Climão Campaign and, in 2021, we will continue this work. The proposal is that the campaign contributes to the reflection on the effects of the climate crisis and helps to guarantee environmental justice and socio-environmental rights for the populations of slums and peripheries. This year, we focused on the production of communication materials, articles and characters that could approach this environmental issue in a more attractive way and popularize this theme. The materials will be released according to a communication plan that will culminate on the environment day (June 5).


According to the Coppe / UFRJ document on strategies to adapt to climate change in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the region where the 16 favelas of Maré are located has a very high propensity to flooding and high temperatures. These transformations are increasingly clear and already affect the lives of many people. Climate change poses a serious risk in the development of pandemics, such as Covid-19.

Watch the video of the planting task force at Colégio Estadual João Borges made by Green Maré.


Coordinator: Julia Rossi
Mobilizers and educators: Lorena Froz e Mariane Gonçalves 


Fundação Ford 
Secretaria geral Iberoamericana (SEGIB) - Laboratório de Inovação Cidadã (Labic)]


Verdejando (TV Globo)
Baía Viva
Casa Fluminense
Climate Reality Project

Local Partners

Eco Maré
Associações de Moradores




Environmental Memories Laboratory: The lab emerged from a partnership between Redes da Maré, the platform and Data_Labe with the objective of experimenting and supporting new ways of producing environmental memories by young people from Maré. During two and a half months, the 13 young people produced their work and published their memories on the platform
Maré Sanitation Meeting: During the Pandemic, we sought ways of articulating with the Public Ministry to monitor the works of CEDAE and how the current political situation impacts the lives of the residents of Maré. We held the 3rd Maré Sanitation Meeting in partnership with the Cocozap project and with the presence of the COMLURB manager and the GAEMA MP / RJ prosecutor, in addition to the collective production of the Maré Sanitation Letter. (link: Video of the meeting: Link do youtube do encontro:
Maré Verde + Verdejando (TV Globo): We had the partnership of the Verdejando project and managed to expand the planting to more than 1000 seedlings in six different points of Maré and implemented a composting plant in the Comlurb management yard in Maré. Report: ghtml
Green Maré at Schools: We carried out environmental education activities and planted about 100 seedlings in partnership with Colégio Estadual João Borges in a garden within the school area. We did activities with the teachers from the CIEP Ministro Gustavo Capanema school, and planting efforts in Nova Maré, in partnership with Lona Cultural Hebert Vianna and Comlurb.