Maré is located between the three main avenues of Rio and has few green areas, increasing "heat island" formations, which are characterized by high temperatures and air pollution. This situation negatively impacts the quality of life and health of its residents. In this context, Redes da Maré has been developing a series of social and environmental experiences. One of them is the Green Maré project, started in 2018, which aims to develop environmental education and social mobilization activities that involve the school community, residents, waste pickers and the Public Sanitation Company.


These activities aim to stimulate reflection on the socio-environmental issues of the territory and to improve these spaces with tree planting efforts. At the end of 2018, 3 workshops and a joint effort were held at João Borges Public School, involving about 70 students and 5 teachers, where 50 seedlings were planted.


Coordinator: Julia Rossi
Mobilizer: Daniel Remilik

Seedlings donations

Projeto Água Vida – Photographer Mário Barila


Fundação Affonso Brandão Hennel

Local partners

Eco Maré
Muda Maré
Colégio Estadual João Borges
Ciep Ministro Gustavo Capanema
Ciep Elis Regina
Ciep Samora Machel
ECOM / Redes da Maré



Watch the film of seedlings plantation by Green Maré