Black House of Maré objective is to create a space of theoretical-methodological and political formation to deal with racial ethnic issues in the 16 favelas of Maré. In this way, we want to confront the structural racism that characterizes Brazilian society.

The project aims to act in the production of knowledge on issues related to race and racism. Also, we seek to think actions for this specific public, fostering the incidence in public policies for the black and brown population of Maré.


1: To deepen the knowledge about the black population of Maré.
2: Continuing education on memory, racism, whiteness, privileges, education, heritage, and Brazilian black identity 
3: Mobilization in the territory: Tea with Griôs da Maré /Black coffee
4: Knowledge Production
5: Continuous Support Networks


Angélica Ferrarez
Carlos André
Joelma Souza
Karla Rodrigues
Pâmela Carvalho
Thais de Jesus Custódio
Teresa Onã

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