Redes da Maré and Roberto Marinho Foundation, supported and funded by Somos Institute and Humanize Institute, offers 14 Youth and Adult Education classes using the Telecourse methodology. There are 3 elementary and 11 high school courses. Classes take place at various points of Maré. About 450 students are returning to school benches to complete Elementary and High school. Roberto Marinho Foundation created the Telecourse in the 1970s with the objective of expanding access to quality education through TV. From the 1990s, a classroom methodology was developed and since 1995, over one and a half million students have graduated from public schools in 12 Brazilian states. In Rio, to help youth and adults who are out of school, the foundation has a school that adopts the Telecourse.


Coordinator: Alessandra Pinheiro

Teachers:  Aline Araújo da Silva e Vitor Felix do Vale



Fundação Roberto Marinho 



Instituto Somos

Instituto Humanize

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