This project had its first edition in the 2000s as part of the Petrobras Child Program in Maré. In 2014 it was reissued at the Herbert Vianna Cultural Canvas, bringing about 50 children and adolescents who, for different reasons, were out of school or at risk of dropping out. The work focused on building a bond between students, family and school has a multiple proposal, which includes improving formal learning, enhancing the school environment and also supporting social assistance to families. The first step is to look for children who are out of the classroom and to build a bridge between them and regular schools in the region. Currently, Bartolomeu Campos Queiróz, Samora Machel, Vicente Mariano and Elis Regina Schools are the main partners. At the Canvas, girls and boys attend to literature, music and robotics workshops. Another important part is close contact with family members, through face-to-face meetings with social assistants or even home visits. There is also a daily snack prepared by ‘Flavors of Maré’ team. The workshops take place from 3:30pm to 6:30pm at Herbert Vianna Cultural Canvas every day.


COORDENAÇÃO GERAL : Alessandra Pinheiro

COORDENAÇÃO PEDAGÓGICA: Inês Cristina Di Mare Salles

EDUCADORES: Dayana Sabani Roberto França e Luanna Sena



Herbert Vianna Cultural Canvas




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