This Project aims to promote the critical debate on Public Security with residents, professionals and activists who work in Maré. The project comprehends a series of training activities, knowledge production and dissemination and construction of new narratives about public security from the experiences of Maré’s favelas. Among the main activities is the organization of a course in two annual sections and textual production workshops. The project also has a monthly column (in portuguese) and the journal Maré de Notícias Online, as well as a biennial publication.

Talking About Public Security in Maré Course

The course is basically a series of meetings with residents of Maré that aims to reflect on aspects of slums daily life, related to human rights and public security. The contents proposed in these meetings are related to topics involving drug policy, gun control, high homicide rates, access to justice and the right to public security from a perspective that considers gender and race issues. It is also intended to promote exchanges of experiences between participants, building strategies to cope with the violence experienced in slums and periphery spaces. In the meetings, we have dialogue with specialists, activists, residents and professionals working in Maré.


Textual Production Workshop

The Workshop aims to qualify the texts prepared by professionals, researchers and students from the public security area who work at Maré. We invite the professor of Literature of the Pre-College Admission Course of Rede to teach the workshops, which initially take place in four meetings, with the following themes: Textual Typology, Narration, Dissertation and Article. After the collective meetings, the teacher makes individual meetings, so that he can discuss, suggest and criticize the texts constructed by each participant of the meetings. Finally, the texts are published in a column of Maré de Notícias Online.